Well friends, family and random stranger who has the misfortune of stumbling across my blog, howdy. Today I would like to tell you the story of a girl who doesn’t understand street names, maps or direction in general.

This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn (10 am) and couldn’t go back to sleep. After laying in bed for an hour I finally forced myself up and decided to be a productive member of society and go running – already a very ambitious concept. My program director, Gareth, had been talking up a nearby park called Place de Flagery and I, for some reason, decided I could find my way there. After about ten minutes, I gave up trying to find the park and decided to just explore the city. This led to several interesting discoveries and fun sights  (see below).

It also led to me getting completely and absolutely LOST. I kept convincing myself I knew where I was or at least the general area. Instead of doing probably what a normal person would, like ask for directions, or stop to get their bearings, or look at the MAP IN THEIR WALLET (which I realized I had four hours after finding my way back), I just kept turning corners and walking down alleys and ooing and ahhing at everything. Which, you know, is good for seeing exciting things, not really good for getting un-lost.

After about an hour and a half, during which I became resigned to the fact that I was probably going to just die on the side of a random road, I finally stumbled upon my street. (I knew it was mine because there’s a super cute poster of a pink squirrel on the corner. Idk, man).

That was not the last time I got lost today. It was the first of THREE times. The next was on the way to my 3 o’clock class, which I arrived to 20 minutes late and without a pen or paper. The final time was trying to get to the grocery store with my whole group, which took us about an hour and a million city blocks to find (We also discovered it’s about a three minute walk from our starting point… whoops).

Speaking of which, grocery shopping is not nearly as easy when you don’t understand the names on any of the food. Am I buying chicken or rabbit? Am I buying soup or dressing? Am I buying beer or liquor? (didn’t really care about this last one because hey, it’s alcohol)

Oh also, grocery shopping does not involve a car. It involves hauling the three hundred heavy items you bought down two streets and up stairs. Would have been nice to realize before buying a bottle of wine, beer, and three jars of pasta sauce.

Speaking of which, time to make food. Hopefully I don’t get lost on the way to my kitchen.

Au revoir!

Meal of the day:

Soft boiled egg with some kind of bread? and coffee, of course. 

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